Piano Lessons in Asheville

The Rock Academy coordinates piano lessons with The Music Academy of Asheville depending on your skill level. The Rock Academy teaches performance skills and provides kids and adults an encouraging place to learn to rock on stage. It's sister organization, The Music Academy of Asheville, is the actual music school where piano lessons will be scheduled. The Music Academy of Asheville offers beginner piano lessons, intermediate or advanced. We have piano teachers that push you to the next level.

Piano Chords & Scales

With the help of our piano teachers, you can learn how to play piano chords and scales, learn to play piano in various keys, and learn practice exercises to keep your fingers nimble.

Keyboard & Synthesizer Techniques

The world of keyboards and synthesizers is virtually unlimited but there is a lot to learn to get started. Our instructors will help you learn everything you need from playing the piano to creating electronic music.

Keyboard & Piano Instructor

Susie Shaw