About the Rock Academy Program

rockacademy_groupFor ages 9 to 89. Learn how to jam with your peers to some of the best rock songs ever written. Bands are formed with students of similar age and ability levels.  
  • Guitar players - bring your own guitar, amp, strap, cable, picks, and tuner.
  • Bass players - bring your own bass, strap, cable, picks (if you use 'em), and tuner.
  • Drummers - bring your sticks (we have drums for you)
  • Vocalists - bring your smile and good lungs (we have mics and a PA for you)
  • Keyboardists - bring your fingers (we have a keyboard for you)
Rock Academy students learn to perform rock songs of various genres, including blues, classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk, and more. Students do have homework! Rock Academy is not the place to learn and perfect your parts - your private lesson and home practice offers that. Rock Academy is the place to practice and perform these songs with a band, receive mentoring from professional musicians and music educators, and perform live at local venues in front of real audiences.

What you will learn at Rock Academy:

  • How to tune your instrument
  • How to soundcheck
  • How to monitor your volume throughout a performance
  • How to play with dynamics
  • What an arrangement is
  • How to improvise
  • How to play as part of a unit
  • How to play different styles of rock music
  • Vocal techniques and stage performance skills
  • Equipment (types of guitars, bases, drum kits, amps, effects, PAs, ...)
  • Advice from professional musicians and guest professors