Music Lessons for Kids

(For kids 13-17) The Rock Academy is an Asheville music school that teaches kids how to rock. Our experienced music instructors show kids everything they need to learn to perform on stage. They learn about all of the music equipment involved as well as how to play the rock songs they want to play. Take a look at our videos on YouTube and see how happy these kids are when performing songs that they love. Bands are formed with students of similar age and ability levels. Read more

Music Lessons for Adults

(For adults 18-80) The success of our Adult Rock Academy proves that it's never too late to rock! Jam with other grown-ups to the classic rock you grew up with. We'll even throw in some modern favorites. Read more  

Beginner Music Lessons

(Ages 4 - 15 beginners) The Rock Academy of Asheville is thrilled to present the newest program, "OPENING ACT" year-round classes. These 2 hour long classes are aimed at students ages 4 - 15 who are new to their instruments or new to playing in a band. Read more

How to Join

Contact us for information about program fees, semester dates, space availability, or other questions.

Summer Music Camp

Rock Academy Summer Camp is the perfect place for young musicians to meet and play with others, 10-17, who want the coolest of summer camp experiences. Students spend one week, in a hands-on atmosphere, at our state of the art Rock Academy rehearsal space, perfecting their performance skills as individuals and most importantly, as a band. Read more ยป